Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Likeable links

I thought that it might be fun to share some favorite links today, just to share some things I have been liking/considering/mulling/coveting lately. Please note that these are just some things I have found recently that I wanted to pass along-- I receive no compensation for sharing them and am not affiliated with any of these companies.

First is this adorable teacup, from OlisCupboard on Etsy. All of her ceramics are really clever, but I am especially drawn to this one. I actually drink my coffee every morning out of a teacup, and the idea of waking up to this beauty every morning is quite appealing.

Next up is this mug with a little dissertation motivation printed on the front! I love the message and I really like the mix of fonts. This mug is from Click and Blossom, and their site has all kinds of similarly whimsical items for sale, like tee shirts, totes, and onesies.

After reading this NYT article on G&B Coffee in Los Angeles, I am sorry I don't live closer to the Golden State! Everything in the article sounds amazing, from an espresso milkshake to a macadamia-almond iced latte. Love that they only make things they would really want to order. The article includes a link for making the macadamia-almond milk, so I may need to try this one on my own!

I know it's summer and winter knits are the last thing most of us are thinking about, but knitting those booties got me thinking about another quick knitting project and it might be this Rikke Hat from Happy Knits. I love the simple, slouchy shape and I have some hand-dyed yarn that I think would be perfect for it.

Finally, this peach sherbet from Martha Stewart Living looks so good and so easy I may give it a try this week. The ingredients are just peaches and sweetened condensed milk. Better still, no ice cream maker is required! I will probably need to make a partial batch since Jared is not a fan of peaches, but luckily the recipe is so simple I don't foresee that being an issue.

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